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One-on-One Consulting Sessions are scheduled throughout the conference. The 45-minute One-on-One sessions are your opportunity to meet with the consultant best matched with your topic to find solutions to your VISUAL concerns, or to discover new ideas on how to use VISUAL in more profitable ways. They will be offered as follows:

  • Before the start of the conference, you'll have the opportunity to schedule your one-on-one session(s). On Sunday, One-on-One sessions will run up until Opening General Session. Monday through Wednesday, One-on-One sessions will run concurrently with the breakout sessions. All attendees will be notified by email when registration is open for these sessions.
  • You can also sign up for these One-on-One sessions at the VISUAL Focus Registration Desk anytime during the conference. These sessions are an ideal way to discuss current issues, or get a deeper understanding of a topic presented earlier in the conference. One-on-One Sessions are available on a first-come first-served basis.

In addition to the many breakout sessions to choose from during the conference, you will also have the option to sign up for one or more Workshop Sessions. These two-hour sessions are scheduled throughout the conference. Each workshop will take a deeper dive into a particular topic, and offer hands-on collaboration with a group of VISUAL Consultants.

The workshop topics include: VISUAL Reset Utility, Creating Custom Metrics for VISUAL 9 Dashboards,   Workflow & Event Management and Alerts, Advanced VISUAL Macros, Change Management, and Creating Database Views for Reports & QRP Extended Query.

For VISUAL Focus 2018, the workshops will be an additional $100 per workshop session. This fee includes a virtual machine loaded with the latest version of VISUAL. You will need to bring your own laptop computer to the workshop.

Each leader of the workshop will provide specific prerequisites in advance of the conference to help you get the most out of the workshop training. Be prepared to participate and follow along as the topic is explained, and the consultants walk you through the procedures.

Each workshop session will have a 30-person capacity, so be sure to register early.

View the VISUAL FOCUS Daily Overview

In the app below, you can view the daily schedule, session descriptions and get speaker information.

Under the 'Schedule' drop down, you have a few viewing options. In the 'Grid' view, you will see an overall daily agenda view. In the 'Simple View,' you can view all of the sessions. If you hover or click on the session in those views, you can view the session descriptions. In the expanded view, you will see the session description and speaker.

You can also build your own customized calendar with the sessions you want to attend. Just click 'Add to my Sched' when you hover or click on the session. Click here for the full web version.

Keep the VISUAL Focus schedule in your pocket with the mobile app! Bookmark on your mobile device: https://visualfocus2018.sched.com/mobile. Click the mobile device icon in the upper right of the app below for instructions. *iPhone users, make sure to open the link in the Safari web browser to add the icon to your home screen*

Please note that the conference agenda is not finalized, so there may be changes in the schedule preview below.