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VISUAL Focus Agenda & Sessions

One-on-One Consulting Sessions

One-on-Ones are scheduled throughout the conference. The 45-minute One-on-One sessions are your opportunity to meet with the consultant best matched with your topic to find solutions to your VISUAL concerns, or to discover new ideas on how to use VISUAL in more profitable ways.

Before the start of the conference, you'll have the opportunity to schedule your one-on-one session(s). They will be offered as follows: On Sunday, One-on-One sessions will run up until Opening General Session. Monday through Wednesday, One-on-One sessions will run concurrently with the breakout sessions. All attendees will be notified by email when registration is open for these sessions.

  • You can also sign up for these One-on-One sessions at the VISUAL Focus Registration Desk anytime during the conference. These sessions are an ideal way to discuss current issues, or get a deeper understanding of a topic presented earlier in the conference. One-on-One Sessions are available on a first-come first-served basis.

Workshop Sessions

In addition to the many breakout sessions to choose from during the conference, you will also have the option to sign up for one or more Workshop Sessions. These two-hour sessions are scheduled on Sunday so they don't conflict with the breakout sessions. Each workshop will take a deeper dive into a particular topic, and offer hands-on collaboration with a group of VISUAL Consultants.

The workshop topics include:

Sunday: 1 - 3 PM

  • Creating Custom Metrics for VISUAL 9 Dashboards
  • Workflow & Event Management and Alerts

Sunday 3:15 - 5:15 PM

  • Advanced VISUAL Macros
  • Creating Database Views for Reports & QRP Extended Query
  • Installing & Configuring VISUAL
  • SQL Server Reporting Services

For VISUAL Focus 2019, the workshops will be an additional $100 per workshop session. This fee includes a virtual machine loaded with the latest version of VISUAL. You will need to bring your own laptop computer to the workshop.

Each leader of the workshop will provide specific prerequisites in advance of the conference to help you get the most out of the workshop training. Be prepared to participate and follow along as the topic is explained, and the consultants walk you through the procedures.

Each workshop session will have a 30-person capacity, so be sure to register early. Workshop registration will close September 20, 2019.

View the VISUAL FOCUS Daily Overview

In the app below, you can view the daily schedule, session descriptions and get speaker information.

Under the 'Schedule' drop down, you have a few viewing options. In the 'Grid' view, you will see an overall daily agenda view. In the 'Simple View,' you can view all of the sessions. If you hover or click on the session in those views, you can view the session descriptions. In the expanded view, you will see the session description and speaker.

You can also build your own customized calendar with the sessions you want to attend. Just click 'Add to my Sched' when you hover or click on the session. Click here for the full web version .

Keep the VISUAL Focus schedule in your pocket with the mobile app! Bookmark on your mobile device: https://visualfocus2018.sched.com/mobile . Click the mobile device icon in the upper right of the app below for instructions. *iPhone users, make sure to open the link in the Safari web browser to add the icon to your home screen*

Please note that the conference agenda is not finalized, so there may be changes in the schedule preview below.

VISUAL Focus 2019 Session List

Over half of the 2019 sessions are either brand new or fully updated!


  • A Systematic Approach to Reducing Your Business Process Lead Time
  • Managing Standard Costs
  • Using Proven Techniques to Calculate Burden Rates
  • Managing Inventory Levels to Support Planning, Scheduling and Supplier Management
  • Improving Supplier Performance
  • Diagnose Data Integrity Issues and Keep Your System at Optimal Performance
  • Stop ERP Knowledge Erosion
  • Stop ERP Knowledge Erosion - Repeat
  • Using VISUAL to Drive Profitability
  • Managing Your VISUAL Re-Implementation
  • Understanding the VISUAL Upgrade Process and How to Best Prepare
  • Measure, Manage and Improve - How to Drive Continual Improvement
  • Transform Your QMS (Quality Management System) from an Expense into an Asset
  • Achieving Sustainable Business Performance Improvement
  • Top Features You Should Implement After Your VISUAL Upgrade
  • Top Features You Should Implement After Your VISUAL Upgrade - Repeat
  • See How Digital Transformation (DT) is Improving Manufacturing
  • Industry 4.0 is Dramatically Changing the Shop Floor



  • Automate the Delivery of Your Reports
  • VISUAL Business Intelligence - Synoptix
  • How to Edit QRPs (VISUAL Standard Forms) - Advanced
  • VISUAL Reporting with ExcelHow to Edit QRPs (VISUAL Standard Forms) - Basic
  • How to Edit QRPs (VISUAL Standard Forms) – Basic - Repeat
  • SmartViews - A Tool Designed for the User  



  • Synergy's VISUAL Business Objects
  • Extending VISUAL's Capabilities with Custom Applications and Database Objects
  • Automating Your Unique Requirements Using Macros
  • Interfacing Outside Applications with VISUAL - The Infor API Toolkit



  • Understanding the Power of Multi-site Financials
  • Is the Project Module of VISUAL a Good Fit for Your Company?
  • Managing Cash in VISUAL
  • Using Costing Tools to Keep your Costing Information Accurate
  • Electronic Payment Options for Vendors and Customers
  • How VISUAL Workflow Can Be Used to Control Your Financials
  • Billing and Invoicing Options to Fit Your Diverse Needs
  • Overview of Standard Financials
  • Streamline Your Month-End Closing Process
  • Reconciling Your AR, AP and Bank Subledgers



  • VISUAL 9.0.0 to 9.09 Overview (Over 120+ New Features)
  • VISUAL 9.0.0 to 9.09 Overview (Over 120+ New Features) - Repeat
  • Activities and Alerts - Configure VISUAL to Monitor Critical Events
  • Document Maintenance - A Powerful Tool to Organize your Documents
  • VISUAL is Visual - Dashboards and Active Splash Screens (Basic)
  • VISUAL is Visual - Dashboards and Active Splash Screens (Basic) - Repeat
  • VISUAL Navigation and User Interface - What you need to know - Part 1
  • VISUAL Navigation and User Interface - What you need to know - Part 1 - Repeat
  • VISUAL Navigation and User Interface - What you need to know - Part 2
  • VISUAL Navigation and User Interface - What you need to know - Part 2 - Repeat
  • Managing Electronic Documents Across Your Organization - VISUAL Features that Reduce Paper Usage
  • VISUAL Roadmap and Product Lifecycle Maintenance
  • VISUAL Roadmap and Product Lifecycle Maintenance - Repeat
  • Infor Xtreme - Your Portal to Support
  • Understanding the Basic Data Flow in VISUAL from Quote to Cash



  • Managing Your SQL Server Environment
  • Managing VISUAL Security
  • Understanding How the Preference Maintenance Settings Impact your Users and your VISUAL System
  • VISUAL Navigation and User Interface - What you need to know - Part 3 (Advanced Topics)
  • VISUAL Navigation and User Interface - What you need to know - Part 3 (Advanced Topics) - Repeat
  • The Lone Administrator - Administering VISUAL
  • Using the Query Tool as a Report Writer



  • VISUAL Time & Attendance
  • The Manufacturing Window - Fundamentals and New Features
  • Plant & Equipment Maintenance - Overview and Configuration
  • Re-Engineering Engineering
  • Implementing Engineering Change Notice
  • Using A Single Database to Control Multi-site Manufacturing
  • Options for Labor and Material Data Collection
  • Using Loftware to Generate Labels
  • Managing Work Orders - from Creation to Closing
  • VISUAL Shop Floor Mobile – New and Improved
  • VISUAL Shop Floor Mobile – New and Improved - Repeat



  • Physical Inventory and Cycle Counting - The Key to Accurate Inventory
  • How to Strengthen Your Supply Chain with Consignment Inventory
  • Lot & Serial Traceability - What it Does and How to Set It Up
  • Troubleshooting Tools for Inventory Costing
  • Inside the Advanced Material Planning Window - Using Master Scheduling and Forecasting
  • Integrating the Two Sides of Manufacturing - Material Planning and Scheduling (Part I)
  • Integrating the Two Sides of Manufacturing - Material Planning and Scheduling (Part 2)
  • Tips & Tricks to Procure Your Material Faster
  • Save Time Purchasing - Learn How the Purchase Management Window Makes Creating PO's Fast and Easy
  • Configuration and Use of Outside Service Maintenance
  • Purchasing Cycle - From Requisition to Receipt



  • Quoting in VISUAL - New Tools That Will Integrate Your Spreadsheets
  • Using VISUAL to Enhance Customer Satisfaction
  • Configurator Options for VISUAL - CPQ & MPC
  • Defining and Managing Estimated Costs to Support Quoting  
  • Sales Tips & Tricks That Can Save You Time
  • Increase Sales with the Sales Order Management Window
  • Understanding the Different Types of Return Material Authorizations
  • Understanding Each Step of the Sales Cycle - From Opportunity to Shipment
  • Streamlining Your Shipping



  • New Features in Scheduling
  • Easy Lean Scheduling Concepts
  • Compare the Concurrent Scheduler with Easy Lean
  • Finite Scheduling Part I - Defining Proper Expectations
  • Finite Scheduling Part II - How to Make It Happen
  • Understanding How to Address Common Problems with the Scheduler
  • Choosing the Right Scheduling Methodology
  • Using the Data from the Throughput Window to Improve On-Time Delivery
  • Using the Data from the Throughput Window to Improve On-Time Delivery - Repeat


Customer Success Roundtable Sessions

New for 2019 are customer roundtable sessions. These sessions, held on Wednesday afternoon, are your chance to share your success stories, projects that didn't go as planned and things you have learned, as well as submit comments, questions and enhancement requests. Each roundtable session will focus on a different topic: manufacturing, financial, quality, technical, and sales. These sessions are your chance to really interact with and help your fellow VISUAL users.

Town Hall with Infor Executives

This session, held on Wednesday afternoon, is your chance to connect with Infor management on many topics. The Town Hall is not a 'how-to' class, but an open forum to ask questions, comment on any concerns, submit enhancement requests, etc. We will use an app where you can submit your comments and requests prior to the session.