VISUAL Focus, March 1 2019

Who should attend VISUAL Focus?

VISUAL Focus is a conference for Infor VISUAL ERP users, but which users from your company should attend?

Our answer: As many as your company will allow!

VISUAL Focus will have over 120 sessions- which includes education sessions, workshops, customer roundtables, one-on-one sessions and an Infor Town Hall meeting. These sessions cover topics such as: manufacturing, scheduling, materials management, financials, sales, information technology, data extraction and best practices.

The majority of our past attendees have been in the following job roles: IT, Financial, Manufacturing, Purchasing, Supply Chain, Sales, Customer Service, Engineering and Quality.

If you have new employees or VISUAL users, VISUAL Focus is the perfect place to send them for overall training. For more advanced users, there are in-depth sessions, workshops and customer roundtables that will dive deeper into various topics.

Why should your company send more than one attendee?

The typical attendee can only attend 6 of 42 total sessions per day at VISUAL Focus-- and that's if they aren't using any time slots for one-on-one consulting sessions with a VISUAL expert-- which leaves a lot of knowledge on the table. Take a look at what a few previous attendees have said:

"I love coming to these. Wish I could be in more than one session at the same time."
"Wish I had more time for one-on-one sessions."
"A lot of times, two sessions that I wanted to hear were occurring at the same time, and there is only so much of me!"

New for VISUAL Focus 2019: Group Discounts!

If a company has three or more employees attend VISUAL Focus 2019, we will refund $100, per attendee, after the conference. 

If you have questions, check out the FAQ page or send an email to

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